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The Line

The track plan shows the railway as at Summer 2009.

Total main line run is about 80 metres.
Height difference from lowest to highest point is around half a metre.
Ruling grade is 1 in 40.


There is a single track with two passing places, more or less equidistant from each other.

I like watching trains go round but it is quite feasible to run two trains, one in each direction. I have even done this on my own but it does take a certain concentration and is a bit stressful. I run one goods train in one direction relatively slowly and then run the passenger train in the opposite direction. As long as it has the legs, it can arrrive at the other station and sit and wait for the goods train to rumble through while the passengers do what passengers do.

No, I am not mad enough to have tried it with two steamies - or even one.

The other opportunity is to eliminate half the circuit and just run from station to station. I used to run a terminus to fiddle yard in 4mm but that was a long time ago. At the moment I am happy just to run.

Like I said, I really like watching the trains trundle round my line. It takes about 3 or 4 minutes for a full circuit so it can really be quite relaxing, even with a steam loco. With the battery locos, I just set them running and leave them sometimes. You sit there with a beer and often think "Where's the train?" and then it appears from behind somewhere. Love it.