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Darjeeling Garratt

The Darj Garratt waits in Aldwincle shed yard.

The Garratt was the first steam locomotive to arrive at the Evensford and Midland. It was perhaps an odd choice but has given many hours of great service.

Why the Garratt? Well that's easy. The Darj was the first "proper" Garratt - the K1 being very experimental. All subesquent Garratts followed the concept of the Darj, not the K1. As Garratt was trying to sell his concept of the articulated locomotive all around the world, what more logical place to put one of the early versions than to the narrow gauge line owned by the Midland in England - the EMR. I know the real Darj Garratt was not a great success but it does look great pulling a decent train up Evensford Bank.

Here it is on steam trials double-heading with EMR Loco No 1

and with a man-sized train climbing the 1 in 40 Evensford Bank

Some changes have taken place since arrival. The loco is lined, a new smokebox door and chimney, new couplings and a lot of mods and improvements "under the bonnet".

Here seen passing Fotheringhay cutting.

Here the Garratt sits simmering.

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