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Here is the method I use to make transfers.

Start with some transfer paper. Mine comes from Crafty Computer Paper at

Mostly I use laser paper but the inkjet paper is good too. The laser paper is thicker than the inkjet but doesn't need to be sealed after printing.

Printing white is a big challenge. White waterslide transfer film (decal film for those who call trousers "pants" ) is widely available, either for inkjet or laser printers.

I know the Alps printer can print white but my difficulty is that I don't need that many and it's big money apart from only being available in Japan and New Zealand.

I needed some white "E" and "M" letters for my wagons. So I thought I would try to print the letters as a grey (alright "gray" then) outline on white paper. The theory is that if the grey is not cut exactly right, it won't show up much. The biggest challenge here is to match the grey background with the grey of the wagon. I have some decent software and can produce any number of greys so I thought I would give it a go.

First print some letters on ordinary white paper to check the size and shade of grey.